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The free Antivirus software with Microsoft warranty, guaranteed

Microsoft Security Essentials: safe download

In a time when the Internet is an indispensable part of life, for both work and entertainment, PC security is an absolute necessity. Based on that, Microsoft has decided to develop a powerful antivirus program, Microsoft Security Essentials, to protect your system from any kind of threats that may cause damage.

  • Totally Free
  • Friendly and simple user interface
  • Fast and efficient detection and scanning
  • Full integration with XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8
  • Low consumption of resources
  • Total safety guaranteed

Full integration

One of the features most valued by users of Microsoft Security Essentials is its broad compatibility with the most popular operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and even Windows 8. This antivirus program provides total integration and convenience for all computer users.

Simple interface

Microsoft Security Essentials has a highly intuitive interface that is user friendly and ease to use. Its broad set of options allows you to control everything (manually or set to automatic), ensuring you have the highest level of protection possible.

Control your PC

Microsoft Security Essentials is designed to consume the minimum amount of resources on your PC. It will also notify you whenever your PC is in need of a scan. Most importantly, Security Essentials will scan all incoming and outgoing files for malware and other harmful programs.

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